Sharon Zoesch Memorial Scholarship Fund

Two Scholarships will be given this year for the Consumer Voice Conference.


The Sharon Zoesch Memorial Fund is hereby established to recognize her achievements in long-term care, commitment towards excellence, and a lifetime of advocacy.


The Sharon Zoesch Memorial Fund will provide a scholarship to any deserving State Long Term Care Ombudsman candidate interested in attending the Consumer Voice Annual Membership Meeting at a designated location.  Candidates would be provided up to $1,200.00 in travel expenses and registration for the express purpose of participating in the Consumer Voice conference.

The candidate must attend the New State Ombudsman (if newly hired in the last two years) and NASOP meeting at the Consumer Voice meeting during the conference.


Applications for the Fund must be submitted to the National Association State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (NASOP) executive board no later than June 1st of each year.  The successful scholarship winner will be provided up to $1,200 in travel expenses and registration in order to attend that year’s Consumer Voice Annual Meeting (generally held in October).  Candidates should submit a letter to the board requesting to be considered for the scholarship.  Each letter should include three components:  1) Financial Need; 2) Interest in long-term care advocacy; 3) Objectives/experience from attending the conference.  Each letter should be between 300 and 500 words.  Applications should be submitted to the President of NASOP.

Financial Support

Subject to board approval, the Fund will be underwritten by NASOP.  However, NASOP will encourage and promote donations to the Fund each year.  Once the Fund has accrued $1,200.00, it will be deposited into an interest bearing account.

The money will be sent to the recipient after the conference is complete.  Receipts must be submitted to the NASOP Treasurer for up to $1,200 for reimbursement.